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Your Persona Profile Takes You From Cradle to Grave

The very first persona profile you created was the one you instinctively formulated about the very first person you came into contact with, moments after you were born. This may have been your mother, but it could have also been the doctor who delivered you or the nurse who gave you your first bath. And since you had no ability to cognitively rationalize the impact this person had on your life, your very first persona profile was entirely based on your instincts, your primitive sensory perception and a lifelong need for human connection.

Likely, the entire first profile was nothing more than an initial feeling of security and comfort. Not a highly significant and memorable event, which is probably why we don't remember our initial profile about the very first person to step into our world.

The true significance of our very first profile is not so much about the person we profiled, but about the fact that we created a persona profile in the first place! In fact, we create profiles on every person we come into contact with. Most of the time, the contact must be made at a conscious level for us to record a profile. Sometimes the association is subconscious and the result of an intuitive or sensory connection.

Depending on the level of significance we associate to the individual, we may store the persona profile with the intent of editing it or fine-tuning it at some later date. We may also decide that we will not require the "stored" persona profiling information and we allow our mind to hit the "delete button" and erase the image. But the image will remain stored in the vast recesses of our "human hard-drive" and while instant recall may prove challenging, we may experience moments of association or recognition through a unique circumstance which is sometimes referred to as a deja-vu, a sensory association such as a distinct smell or sound or deep hypnosis. Of course, all these persona profiles are subconsciously created and require no active thought process. We literally create dozens of persona profiles every day and discard most of them instantaneously.

As I stated earlier, our association with an individual determines the way we in which we "format" the persona profile, much like a computer file. The profile that we create for the mailman will be based on the observations we made about this individual, combined with the assumptions we factor into the profile based on our previous experiences with mailmen. Unless there is an underlying motivation to "fine-tune" the mailman's profile (perhaps a physical attraction?), the profile will likely be short and uncomplicated.

The profile that we create at an early age about our parents is far more sophisticated and in-depth. Our daily exposure to our parents allows us to create a detailed profile, based on our emotional and physical connections. It is important to understand and be reminded that any persona profile only exists in the mind of the person creating it and that we therefore have our own interpretation of the data we assemble to produce such a profile. We also use filters through which we interpret the data we collect on a person. For example, our parents are perceived as heroes when we're young, but that profile will change as we get older and realize the human frailties and characteristics of our parents.

The profile we generate about our spouse or "significant other" is probably the most detailed and in-depth of all the profiles we create in our lifetime. It stands to reason that we need this high level of quality information in order for us to make the value judgments that will be required from us to enter into a long-term and committed relationship.

Just as the profiles we create about others can have an impact on these other individuals and shape their perception of themselves, we are equally susceptible to the influences others have over us when they formulate their profiles about us and which are based on their perceptions of us. If we create profiles that define our friends, relatives, loved-ones, associates, co-workers and others who are important to us, than the converse must also be true. The collective persona profiles created about us by our friends, relatives, loved-ones, associates, co-workers and others, who are important to us, will not only influence us, but in fact define us and ultimately label us.

If persona profiling is somewhat confusing and perhaps contrary to the norms and conventions that you're accustomed to, it will perhaps become clearer if we illustrate persona profiling in the following examples:

Example 1 - The Introvert

Cindy is a 45 year old single woman who is somewhat shy and introverted. She recently divorced her husband of 12 years and now has a real anxiety about meeting other men and getting intimate with someone. When Cindy joined my coaching program, she asked me to help create a new persona profile that projects a stronger and more positive image to others, while at the same time protecting her from involvements with unscrupulous suitors. The problem was not so much in the creation of a new persona profile, but for Cindy to identifying with her new profile and "branding" her new label so that she will be perceived differently by those who have come to profile her as shy and introverted. In other words, not only does Cindy need to internalize her new identity, she must also solicit the support of those around her to strengthen her resolve in creating a new profile. If Cindy doesn't truly believe in her new Persona or cannot adjust her natural personality to be integrated, she will have a hard time convincing her friends. Just as with any acquired skill or technique, Cindy must practice her new Persona, rehearse it over and over, role-play it and finally adopt it as part of who she has become. The good news is that this can be done in a relatively short period of time. Within 100 days!

Remember that online dating sites use this technique almost exclusively, arbitrarily and often deceitfully! Online, anyone can pretend to be anything they want to be, even as an avatar. There simply are no adequate filters to eliminate fraudulent entries. The duplicity will only surface when you meet your online date in person.

Example 2 - The Grade IV Teacher

Carol was a truly dedicated teacher. So much so, that her professional persona profile totally dominated her otherwise jovial personality. This manifested itself every time Carol was placed in a situation where traits such as Leadership and control were called upon. Even when Carol went out with friends, she could no longer just "chat". Instead of talking with her friends and associates, she talked down atthem! Instead of carrying on a conversation, Carol lectured. Instead of offering advice, Carol made corrections. Opinions were met with arguments.

Carol became the consummate teacher and acted accordingly.

Her friends resented this and shunned her. Her children rebelled. Her husband felt isolated and unhappy. There was trouble in paradise!

Carol's "Teacher persona profile" that allowed her to be the dedicated teacher during the day, had slowly become her Default Active persona profile, or DAPP. And since it created a sense of significance and control, Carol felt comfortable and secure in re-enacting her role of teacher whenever the opportunity arose. Her demeanor belied her gentle and caring nature and created an image of a self-centered and domineering woman. Much to the chagrin of those around her.

Eventually, out of sheer frustration, one of Carol's friends remarked: "Carol, must you always act like a teacher!"

It required a significant change in Carol's Default Active persona profile (DAPP) to re-assess the value of her relationship with her husband and children and the importance of her friends. Carol had to realize that she required an Active persona profile (APP) that would allow her to "switch" to her teacher profile when at school, but change to a different Persona the moment she left the school grounds. With coaching and a strong commitment, Carol managed to create a separate profile within 100 days, which allowed her to live a life outside of her teaching profession.

Have you ever heard the expression "You sound just like a teacher!" Just think of a teacher that you know outside of the classroom environment. Often, he/she will still be in that persona profile role of teacher, even if he/she's no longer standing in front of the class. Often, teachers will "slip" into the comfort of the teacher persona profile when they need to assert themselves or assume a Leadership role outside of the classroom. Their mannerisms will become aligned with those of a teacher and their speech and vocabulary will take on the appearance of a lecture. As an outsider, we notice such a shift immediately, especially if this is a re-occurring pattern. That's when we say (or think) "You sound just like a teacher!" It is the persona profile that was created for the "teacher role", which takes control under certain circumstances.

Example 3 - "Voices be Gone!"

My son Justin is a very talented ice hockey goal tender. He has natural talent, great athletic abilities and a tremendous desire to achieve. He is very charismatic and has a "million dollar personality". (OK, so I'm a proud daddy! Guilty on all counts!) He ranks as one of the top junior goalies in Western Canada and has his sights set on a professional career in the major leagues.

Justin also struggled with an Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, or OCD.

While in his teens, Justin started to hear voices in his head. Voices that would direct him to perform certain rituals and create certain habits that would determine the outcome of the game and influence his performance as a goalie.

Intellectually, Justin understood that these "voices" were of his own creations and not guided by some supernatural deity. But at a more subliminal level, these voices represented a level of comfort and security. Obeying their commands and performing the required rituals became a regular routine for Justin. He would turn three times clock-wise in front of his net and then skate to the side of the rink and touch the boards before rushing back to his position in the net, often resulting in spectacular "last-minute saves" or occasional bloopers. Spectators started to make fun of his rituals and coaches became concerned with the perceived lack of focus and concentration.

Justin's career objectives as a professional athlete were in jeopardy!

It was time to exorcise the demons and silence the voices in his head. We changed Justin persona profile to combat his OCD. In fact, we replaced the anonymous voices in his head with one new and powerful "voice" that he could invoke at will! It's the only "internal" voice he now listens to that "cured" him of his OCD and that gave him the security and confidence to return to the top of his game.

Often athletes who are under constant pressure to perform at a high level of proficiency, experience levels of anxiety that can manifest themselves in many different forms. They can result in anxiety attacks, physical ailments and psychological behavior anomalies such as OCD. persona profiling can re-align and re-distribute the weight of pressure and alleviate performance anxiety by re-structuring the emotional "filters" that process pressure.

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