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Do Not Medicate Your Children With Drugs

Do not medicate your children with drugs - the side effect of which can be many times greater than the original symptoms that caused concern.

There is more than adequate evidence about the dangerous side effects of medicinal drugs and those that are prescribed for mental irregularities in particular. These latter are invasive and can create chemical chaos in the brain to cause serious side effects, far more damaging than the original symptoms the child displayed.

The public generally would like to believe that governmental health bodies are set up with the power and responsibility to protect us from any medication or substances that may prove damaging to our health. Unfortunately this has not proven to be always the case, particularly where the more powerful chemical companies are concerned and to which many doctors have shown to be faithful followers. Those medical researchers and doctors, scientist of integrity however, are strongly questioning many aspects of modern drug medication in the light of the deteriorating health condition of the people of both the U.S. and Australia as well as other western countries where drug therapies are dominant over the traditional medicines.

We would wonder at the government health authorities and powers that are designed to protect the public, but are proving impotent to control the release of drugs that may promise immediate relief but prove to have 'side effects' that are severe and even fatal. This is particularly causing concern where brain chemistry is directly involved and in the case of children's conditions such as hyperactivity where symptoms tend to be exaggerated restlessness, inattention and inconsistent behavior. These states although perhaps could be seen to be based upon known and reasonable causes are quickly diagnosed as ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) or ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) for which the most common prescription is Ritalin.

Ritalin or methylphenidate hydrochloride is an oral medication, commonly called kiddles and bits in colloquial terms. It is a class II narcotic and stimulant of the central nervous system. Ritalin is prescribed for hyperactivity disorders. Although it is a stimulant more potent than caffeine it has an apparently temporary calming effect on these children. It is however open to much abuse by young people who resort to snorting or even injecting the crushed tablets similar fashion to cocaine.

Ritalin has many well documented side effects. There are over one million posts on the internet with many scientists and medical doctors warning of the dangers and of an alternative drug choice Cylert or pemoline.

Some research reports Ritalin as highly addictive. Its short term side effects can include insomnia, disturbances of digestion, dizziness, headaches, skin irritations, weight loss, psychotic episodes, and often severe depression upon withdrawal of the medication.

Its predictable long term side effects can manifest as malnutrition through loss of appetite, tremors, convulsions, diabetes, headache, irregularities of heart and lungs, paranoia, hallucinations and sensory distortions. Adverse reactions are mainly related to nervousness and insomnia but also skin conditions, anorexia, headaches, and many other uncomfortable symptoms. Rare reports of Tourette's syndrome and toxic psychosis have also been reported. Cylert is not the first choice medication as it has caused severe liver damage requiring liver transplant. It has caused several fatalities through liver failure.

In spite of this the FDA has given approval for similar drugs to be used in treating schizophrenia and bipolar disorders in young patients from 10 -17 years of age as well as in adults. These are reported amongst the highest selling prescriptions in the US accounting for $14.6 billion in sales in 2008 alone.

Remembering that the child patient was considered to be abnormal by first displaying simple indications such as lack of concentration or because of over-activity, it is hard to see the logic in prescribing a drug that in time could produce diseases of mind and body much more severe and impossible to correct either in the child's behavior or in the subsequent physiological symptoms.

Cautions officially are given with the drug. These are usually directed at those with alcohol or drug abuse (presumably referring to teenager patients). Warnings also that serious mental and mood changes can be expected if the medication is stopped. Also warning not to abuse the substance by snorting or injecting the crushed tablets.

Children under six years of age are not permitted to take the drug.

Would you allow your child to take such drugs under any circumstances?

Yet millions of children and minors are now receiving medication for psychological reasons and are vulnerable to severe consequences. It is assessed by the U.S. Surgeon General that 20% of American children have mental illness of some kind and that about 5 million children and young adults suffer from a mental illness that threatens or interferes with their daily life.

There are over 4 million posts regarding mental diseases in children on the internet.

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